Environmental, Sustainability and Diversity Charter

Global Traffic Network (UK) Commercial Limited (“GTN”) has always provided clear intention through its corporate governance, policies and procedures to evidence its endeavours to operate transparently and in good conscience.  Sustainability and inclusivity being core values that underpin the successful wellbeing of the business.

Diversity and inclusivity are evident in our recruitment and employee policies and procedures.  The company excels in engaging individuals capable of independent thought who through co-operation and collaboration function as effective teams delivering outstanding results.  GTN’s equal opportunities policy is evidenced by the diverse talent that contributes to the success of the business.

All GTN employees have benefited from diversity training and this is reviewed regularly.  The company’s Corporate Diversity Policy, Whistleblowing Policy and Code of Conduct are all readily available on the GTN website.

All our people and their dependants have access to an Employee Assistance Programme as we are acutely aware of the impact balancing a healthy homelife with a successful work ethic can have; our HR manager holds the TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness.

How GTN conducts its Business

GTN operates one central London office space, which is effectively supported by sustainable public transport links; employees are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible both to and from work, but also when attending face to face meetings in the City.  All employees have access to shower facilities and we can provide suitable storage for cycles.

Having previously established flexibility in working practices, we were able to implement home / remote working seamlessly in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unnecessary travel is discouraged with many meetings and presentations undertaken via teams / zoom.  Selecting locations that are easy to reach for all those concerned, and where possible, include outdoor exercise whilst still providing conducive environments to do business.

With virtual servers and cloud-based technology, everyone can access everything they require to complete their work no matter where they are at any given time; everyone is encouraged not to print unnecessarily; purchasing is based on need and not want and we recycle where possible.

Everyone is encouraged to adopt healthy eating and fitness through inclusion and friendly competition; team cohesion through challenges and quizzes provides the company with opportunities to inform and engage.

Business Partners and Suppliers

Choosing business partners and suppliers who take their corporate responsibilities in these areas seriously has been very important to GTN.  We expect these partners to ensure that they too trade in an ethical and sustainable way and share similar values and beliefs.

  • GTNs Network Drive package – Our long-standing content supplier INRIX, were a multi-site high resource business.  Over recent years, they have actively engaged with their teams to reduce negative environmental and heavily resourced tasks.  Supported by GTN, INRIX have closed three of their office locations, are actively and effectively supporting home working and operate a no travel policy where possible.  The INRIX policy statement supports GTN’s core beliefs and values and is available to review as part of this Charter.
  • GTNs Entertainment News package – we have always worked to ensure that the content produced for our Entertainment News offering supports equality, diversity, is relevant for a wide ranging audience; and reflects the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality and fairness.
  • GTN is supported by an external HR specialist who in consultation with GTN’s internal HR and Senior Management team, ensure that polices are current, relevant, encourage best practice and support employee wellbeing.
  • Our supply chain for consumables is consistent and is selected based on their attitude to efficiencies, effective sourcing, and their recyclability in the production of their products.  

GTN’s commitment is to work with industry sector leaders in identifying best practices, changing operating practices to align with these best practices, ensuring that the promotion of sustainable and good conscience decisions, are at the forefront of how we conduct our business.

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